Anu Lehto, art director / UI designer

Anu Lehto is an award winning Art Director & Ui designer from Helsinki, Finland. Her journey in digital design started 20 years ago, following her graduation with a BA in Multimedia.

Her design career kicked off after an internship at Helsinki-based agency, Sek, where she would go on to work for the next 14 years creating campaigns and online services for a wide range of leading Finnish brands. While she was advancing her professional career, she found the time to develop her skills by studying interactive narrative at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Aalto University, Medialab), graduating with a MA in New Media. Anu finds it important as a designer to continuously stay current and develop her skills whenever possible. She has an innate sense of beauty and a strong visual perception. She is a true professional armed with ambition, great creative ideas and a deep understanding of how to incorporate practicality into her concepts without compromising on quality.

For the past six years Anu has been working as an independent design professional. She is also one of the three co-founders of design collective Sivulliset.

In future Anu hopes to find even more time for interactive / experimental / spatial projects, interesting collaborations and horseback riding.

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